Hi, my name is Bobby Torres and I'm an audio engineer based out of Clifton, New Jersey. Audio production is something that started out as a hobby for me. Spending most of my teenage years and early 20's playing in local bands, I got into recording preproduction demos for my band before we would hit the recording studio. Those preproduction demos soon became full blown releasable recordings. As time went on, I was being asked more and more by other local bands to record their EP's and demos. My hobby then started to look like something that I could pursue full-time. At this point I decided to transfer to William Paterson University and get my bachelor's degree in audio production.

Since graduating, I've had the pleasure of working with countless bands, musicians, and projects. Metal, Rock, Indie, Punk, Rap, Jam Band, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, and Post-Production Foley work.....I love it all and continue to be inspired by the array of people and musicians who walk through my door. Most of the projects I'm involved with have me handling everything from the preproduction stage all of the way through to the final mix and master. I also really enjoy the unique experience of mixing projects recorded at other facilities and home studios. Whether it's full-on production or the tweaking of a final mix, I love all aspects of audio production.

People often ask me about my rates, and it all comes down to the specifics of a particular project. Different genres of music and production techniques can vary drastically when it comes to time in the studio. Being a musician and band member myself, it is my #1 goal to give my clients top notch production that is both affordable and 100% professional. If your mix doesn't compete with commercial recordings on shuffle mode in your Ipod, then my job's not done. Feel free to contact me through my contact page for booking, rates, and any other questions you might have. Looking forward to working with you!

- Bobby Torres